Artists Studio


We are instructed to design a new build artist’s studio for our client in Northumberland. The scheme utilises Class E Permitted Development Rights. This means that this type of building can be designed and built without having to go through a formal Planning Submission and Approval process, subject to certain criteria.

The new build studio is of timber frame, with a random rubble sandstone and dressed sandstone façade. The hipped roof is finished in natural slate. The doors are Grand Sliders in the form of pocket doors (that slide into the walls to conceal them), supplied and installed by ID Systems The south facing studio provides a large, light and open plan working space.

Class E Permitted Development Rights allow for the provision within the curtilage of the dwellinghouse of: (a) any building or enclosure, swimming or other pool required for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse…… This includes all type of buildings, from sunrooms, to garden offices, to swimming pools or in this case, a garden studio. Please get in touch with us to discuss your Class E Permitted Development garden build.

Project Images