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Creative Design Process’

Insight Architectural Design Ltd offer their services to our clients in Work Stages. We keep these Work Stages, from A-E, as simple and clear as possible, so that they are easy for you to follow and understand. We will always guide you through each Work Stage and agree the Key Targets for each part of the design process with you. From sketch development, through to applying for and achieving Planning Approval, we ensure that your project is always guided by our knowledge and experience.

The Work Stages we utilise are as follows:

We will provide you with a quote for each Work Stage and agree a Schedule of Works that will be bespoke for your project. By appointing us to undertake Work Stage A, you are only committing to that Stage. We include everything required in our quote to compete your project. We don’t believe in charging for endless extras. Our fee quote is exactly what you will pay for our creative services!

Our 8 Stage Creative Design process

Work Stages

We provide you with our services in stages as outlined below. Please click on each Work Stage to find out how we can bring your vision for your project to fruition.

We will meet with our Client to take instruction and carry out a site appraisal. We will then carry out a measured survey of the existing property, if required, to create a set of existing plans and elevations. We will agree an initial brief, budget, key requirements, and project constraints.

We will then prepare a set of initial sketch designs, including outline proposals for structural design and building services. We will then discuss the sketch designs with the you and agree the form to be taken forward to Pre-application Enquiry (if required) or formal Planning Submission.

It may be beneficial to submit a Pre-application Enquiry to your Local Authority. We will discuss your project and the benefits of a Pre-application Enquiry during our initial discussions. A pre-application enquiry will allow you to receive an informal Planning Officer’s written opinion on whether planning approval is required and whether the application is likely to be supported. A pre-application enquiry may also provide feedback on design, massing, scale and layout. It may also raise any issues which may prevent a formal Planning application being supported and allow the design to be amended if required. The Pre-application Enquiry process aims to speed up the formal decision process of a full application, by resolving any Design or Planning Policy issues ahead of the formal Planning Submission.

You can find out more information about obtaining pre-application advice by clicking this link to Planning Portal 

The agreed scheme at Work Stage A will be based on Client’s and Pre-application Enquiry feedback.

We will develop a full set of Planning Drawings which will include details on design, materials, access, vehicle parking, building footprint, floor plans, elevations and details on the impact of the scheme on surrounding buildings.

We will also prepare a Design and Access Statement to support your Planning Application, which will outline the following details:

  • Design process – scheme design development.
  • Use – Building and surrounding spaces.
  • Amount – How much will be built on the site.
  • Layout – How the buildings will be arranged and relate to each other.
  • Scale – Height, width and length of the proposals.
  • Landscaping – How open spaces will be treated.
  • Appearance – Architectural detailing and materials palette.
  • Access and Parking – Vehicular and transport links, along with inclusive access

We will submit your Planning Application for Consultation with the Local Authority via Planning Portal in digital format (PDF). We will then provide support during the consultation process, including responses to Planning Officer and Statutory Consultees during the Consultation process.

We will prepare production information, specifications and technical drawings which detail the construction of your building. We will consult Statutory Authorities on the developing design in terms of regulations and prepare drawings and technical information to reflect this. We will incorporate information provided by Specialists, Consultants and Contractors, eg Structural Design, Mechanical and Electrical layouts and Interior Design.

The technical drawings will generally include the following:


  1. Thermal Values to comply with Part L1B of Building Regulations, including external envelope U Values.
  2. Ensure compliance with Part B Fire safety for means of escape and fire separation with the neighbouring holiday let, which will require a robust detail.
  3. Ensure compliance with Part E on passage of sound with the neighbouring dwelling.
  4. Include all structural repairs, as set out in the structural Engineers’ calculations.
  5. Provide working details and build ups for ground floors, external walls, pitched roofs and internal studs.
  6. Provide component drawings for all doors, windows and screens. These can be sent to potential suppliers for tendering purposes.
  7. Setting out dimensions for all areas.

The Technical Design Drawings package, along with Consultant Reports, Structural Calculations and any other relevant information, will form the Building Regulations Submission, along with the completed application forms and correct fee (to be paid by the client). The type of the application will be agreed with the you ahead of preparation and submission. this will either be Full Plans or Building Notice. The pros and cons of both type of application will be discussed and agreed ahead of submission.


We will assist you in finding a suitable Contractor for your build. We have built up a list of trusted Contractors that we can recommend to you. We will provide information for the preparation of a Tender Pricing Document, which will include the Technical Design Drawings and supporting Documents. We will generally issue tender packs for pricing to up to three suitable Contractors, who have expressed an interest in your project. We will then assist with queries throughout the tender process and discuss tenders with you the preferred Contractor upon their receipt


During the Contract, or construction period, we will make periodic site visits to the construction site as the Project Architect. We will convene and attend site progress meetings with the Contractor and you, ensuring that all parties enjoy clear lines of communication and that all issues arising are dealt with in a timely manner. 

We will address any design queries that may arise from the Contractor and provide any further information which may be reasonably required for construction throughout the build process. We will also review and comment on information provided by the Contractor and or Specialists. If for whatever reason, you are not able to attend site, we will report to you on progress of works on site.

When your build reaches Practical completion. We will assist you and the contractor hand over the completed building and conclude the Building Contract. We will carry out a defects inspection and negotiate mitigation with the Contractor.

We will obtain planning approval for post-completion conditions, where applicable.  We will provide an ‘as built’ drawing pack to incorporate within the O & M manuals. We will also assist in ensuring Building Regulations Sign Off, Conclude activities and request Client feedback on the service provided by all parties.

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