Sun Room


Our client was looking for a solution to create a sunroom that linked two parts of the property, as well as creating an inside out living space that maximised the connection with the garden and views to the open countryside beyond.

The design utilises a GRP flat roof system, with a concealed gutter. The projecting eaves provides wide soffits into which are set LED downlighters which provides a wash of light across the structure and the patio and gravel below. Two full sets of aluminium bifold doors supplied by the Folding Sliding Door Company, ensure that the space can be fully opened up to the garden. The structure is a steel frame with timber panel inserts. The steel frame allows for large openings with minimal structure, with just one structural steel corner post. Internally, the facing walls are random rubble sandstone with lime mortar pointing. Externally, the line of the Aco Brickslot drain matches the line of the roof form over.

Project Images